The Power of One

Matthew Lee’s story about his publication, Inner City Press, struck a cord with me because it showed how much power one company could have over who sees content on the Internet. Even though Google just blocked Inner City Press from the news feature on its website, it was still prohibiting an option for¬†readers to¬†find that content. All of Inner City Press’s content was still on the Internet, but Google made it significantly more difficult for people to come by it. Lee was willing to speak up against Google, something the mainstream media was not doing, and he was punished for it. He was asking the questions that should have been asked, which mainstream reporters were to afraid to ask.

This is only one of the many disadvantages independent journalists face. They don’t have the protection of a big corporation, and they don’t have the resources to fight back against any injustice brought against them. It is important that other journalists showed support for Lee, even reporters in the mainstream field.

Regardless of capitalism and big corporation’s power, independent journalists and publications need to continue doing the work they have set out to do. It is inevitable that they are going to face obstacles and challenges, like those experienced by Inner City Press, but what is important is what they continue to do after those challenges are faced. There are enough independent journalists out there that can show support and band together to continue the important journalism that is being produced. Time and time again, it has been proven it is not an easy industry to be a part of, but it isn’t discouraging enough where these journalists don’t go back for more.